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Why the Children and Parents Prefer Marg Dean the Magician

Meet Marg Dean the Magician – the Birthday Party Specialist

Marg is the wife and assistant of Dicky Dean, the well-known Canadian magician who appears on television and at larger special events across Canada. Marg is an outstanding children’s birthday party magician. As a former grade one, two and three teacher, she has a special talent and ability for reaching children on their level. It is something that requires a very special skill, and she has it. Eva Jansen, in The London Free Press wrote “Birthday parties are Dean’s favourite…she likes to involve her young audience in her shows and see the astonishment on their faces.”

Please read these important points and make you child’s birthday party the best success ever with the magic of Marg Dean. You will be amazed at the praise you will receive for lining up the kind of birthday party entertainment that everyone enjoys.

  1. Much of Marg’s life has been spent with children – first in education, secondly as a children’s magician and thirdly as a mother.

  2. Marg treats each child in a kind thoughtful manner.

  3. Marg knows that in the field of magic you cannot be good in all areas of magic. Only those who specialize present the best show. With her background, and her intense interest in children, she has devoted her time to performing at children’s parties. You will receive compliments from your friends for lining up the kind of entertainment that everyone enjoys.

  4. No child is forced into participation and possible ridicule.

  5. With her experience Marg selects tricks that baffle adults as well as children. The tricks are easy to follow by the children as they have fun and enjoy the mystery. That’s why you often hear the adults say “Your tricks fooled me too.”

  6. Marg is aware of the length of the children’s attention span during a magic show, and she will be happy to help you decide the length of show that is best for your child’s party.

  7. The kids have fun as she amazes them with the magic that she has performed in every province in Canada, but Marg exercises a certain control so that nobody spoils it for someone else. She has them enjoying the show as a team.

  8. Marg moves quickly from one trick to the next keeping the children captivated throughout her show.

  9. Have your camera ready – even your camcorder. These memories are precious to preserve.

There is much that should be discussed.  Phone (519) 473-3990.

Five Years at the Same Place

Marg was part of the Holiday Inn’s weekend package. The program was designed to attract families to the London, Ontario HOLIDAY INN on weekends. As an experiment, she was chosen to perform her children’s magic show for several weeks to see how things would work out. The program was such a success that she was engaged to appear every Saturday for five years. In addition, she appeared at the SHERATON CENTRE TORONTO HOTEL for a series of magic shows for children and families who were staying there. In spite of all Marg’s success, her greatest love is performing at children’s birthday parties. There is no clowning around. She gets right on with the magic as the kids murmur “How did she do that?” Marg has the experience. She would be a big hit at your child’s birthday party. You will be surprised how little it costs.

What was Written in Newspapers about Marg Dean

  1. “Thrills Kids!” The Haldimand Press, Cayuga, Ontario

  2. “Marg opened the show with tricks “for the young” which amused children of all ages.” The Bugle, Woodstock, New Brunswick

  3. “Magician Marg Dean of London delighted children and adults at a magic show held at Lions Park…” Dunnville Chronicle, Dunnville, Ontario

  4. “…a lot of audience participation…a lot of interaction.” The Northwest Hearld, Unity, Saskatchewan

  5. “Marg Dean dazzled …youngsters with her wizardry and magical powers…kept children in awe during her performance…A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and a former teacher, Marg performs anywhere there is a need for a children’s entertainer.” The Napanee Beaver, Napanee, Ontario

Comments From Some of the Numerous Letters of Appreciation

  1. Your talents astounded and entertained both our older and younger audience. It’s rare to find a performer that is able to maintain the attention of such a young crowd, but you proved to do just that as well as so much more.”

  2. “With many thanks for making William’s party so happy and memorable.”

  3. “Please find enclosed two copies of a photograph that appeared in the Sudbury Star. I would like to thank you for giving us eleven great performances. You entertained over 1,600 children in three days.”

  4. “…everyone, adults and children alike enjoyed your show very much. Just as you promised, we all found it “fun and baffling.”

Making Your Child's Birthday a Success

Although Marg has performed at numerous children’s festivals in every province in Canada, she has developed a show especially designed to be a big hit at birthday parties. In fact, birthday party shows are Marg’s favourite. She likes to have a close relationship with the children right in their own home. This is what was written in The London Free Press. “Her psychology degree and experience with children made her a natural.” You can make your child’s birthday party a success with Marg Dean. Phone (519) 473-3990 London, Ontario, Canada and your birthday party entertainment worries will be over.


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