Events leading up to the success of Dicky Dean as a leading Canadian Magician

Dicky Dean Develops an Interest in Magic

  1. When Dicky Dean was ten years old he received a small book on magic, by magician and writer Walter B. Gibson. It was a present from his aunt and uncle that was about to change his life. He never had heard of magic before, but as he started learning the secrets of magic, he knew he wanted to become a magician.

  2. At age twelve he entered the entertainment section of the London Hobby Fair and won first prize. It was also very fortunate for him that London’s foremost magician Everette Mires and his wife, Sue, were present in the audience to see his show and meet him. Later, he learned numerous tricks from Everette as well as how to properly present them. Even with their large differences in age they became best friends.

  3. The following year when Dicky Dean was only thirteen years old, the Kiwanis Club was offering a scholarship for the overall best act in the entertainment section of the London, Ontario, Canada Hobby Fair. Dicky Dean was successful in winning the scholarship.

Thirteen Year Old Dicky Dean

This is what was written in The London Free Press:

“A slim youngster, who wore his dress suit with the air of the accomplished proved to a cheering audience of his contemporaries and their parents last night in the library auditorium he had every right to do so – 13 year old Dicky Dean literally was a wizard.

Moppets mobbed the doorway of the auditorium and sat on parent’s shoulders to see Dicky’s magician’s act, scholarship-winning performance of the entertainment section of London’s Hobby Fair.

At a Kiwanis luncheon June 13 Dicky will be awarded the club’s scholarship for the most outstanding performance. The judges were unanimous in selecting his act from some 60 they had reviewed during two days of preliminaries and finals.

He Performed at Abbott’s Convention in Colon, Michigan.

When Percy Abbott of Abbott’s Magic Company in Colon, Michigan, which is known as the magic capital of the world, heard that Dicky Dean had won the scholarship, he asked his parents if he could perform his magic show at Abbott’s annual convention as Dicky Dean, Canada’s youngest magician. Percy wanted the magicians attending the convention to see how far Dicky Dean had taken his hobby. Along with his parents, his aunt and uncle and his ten-year-old cousin they made their way to Abbott’s magicians’ convention. As a thirteen-year-old aspiring magician with a ten-year-old assistant he was well received by the much older and more experienced magicians. He had never been to a magicians’ convention before, let alone perform at one. What an experience this was for him as he pursued his fascinating hobby.

He Was Taught Magic Personally by Ben and Marian Chavez

At age fifteen Dicky Dean enrolled at the Chavez College of Magic in Hollywood, California. He returned again at age seventeen and graduated.

Dicky Dean receives his certificate of graduation from Ben Chavez


Leaving Teaching for Magic

For ten years he taught school in London, Ontario, then he and his wife, Marg, both left teaching determined to fulfil their destiny as full-time professional magicians. They had no hidden regular job while claiming to be full-time professional magicians. Magic was their only form of employment as they travelled across Canada with their show. It is a career choice they never regretted. He now presents an amazing show featuring doves that appear at his fingertips and quickly disappear without the use of clumsy props, and there is much more. Entertainment agents refer to it as a class act. It is a show that is sure to bring you compliments for lining up the kind of special entertainment that everyone enjoys. Just phone (519) 473-3990.

Other Accomplishments in the Life of Dicky Dean

  1. His photograph appeared on the cover of The New Tops, a monthly  magazine for magicians that was published by Abbott’s Magic Company in Colon, Michigan, U.S.A. for magicians around the world. The inside story was written about him by London, Ontario magician, Everette Mires.

  2. Dicky Dean also appeared in the Tops Pictorial Album of Magicians along with great magicians such as Harry Blackstone, Cardini, Okito, Chop Chop, Milbourne Christopher, Dante, Kalanag, Houdini, Jack Kodell, Kellar, Ormand McGill, Nicola, Ovette, Sorcar, Harlan Tarbell, Thurston, Dai Vernon, Mark Wilson and others.

  3. Fifteen-year-old Dicky Dean and Harry Blackstone on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, Hollywood, California

  4. He has been written about in hundreds of newspapers and magazines as he travels across Canada with his amazing show. It is applauded enthusiastically by adults and children alike. He received a huge photo spread in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, in which the photograph of him covered almost one third of the page. It is, perhaps, the biggest coverage ever given to a magician in a Canadian national newspaper.

  5. In addition, a photograph of Marg and Dicky Dean was featured above the masthead (the front page above the name of the newspaper) in The Sarnia Observer. It showed him entertaining hundreds of people. It was 15 centimetres wide (about 6 inches) and it extended 35 centimetres (about 14 inches) from one edge of the newspaper to the other edge. This appears to be a first for a magician. Magical historians appear not to know of any other magician who was fortunate enough to get an entire photo-spread above the masthead.

  6. Dicky Dean was nominated, by the directors of Hocus Pocus Magazine, for an award for his contribution to the field of magic. Here are some excerpts from the letter to him. “Awards are presented in New York City at our semi-annual Hocus Pocus Awards Convention…We would like to arrange a date with you to appear at one of our future conventions to accept the award…This past years winners have included Harry Blackstone Jr., James Randi, and Tom Ogden.” Dicky Dean does not just win awards and praise from other magicians he has the outstanding type of magic show that other magicians have tried to imitate for years – but there is only one Dicky Dean.

  7. Len Vintus, who was a founder and first member of the I.B.M. International Brotherhood of Magicians, featured Dicky Dean’s large photograph under Canadian Magic Busters in his book Magicians of the World.

  8. Dicky Dean has made numerous contributions to the art of magic. The Pentacle was a journal published in the United States for magicians that were willing to think about the art of magic. Discussions and debates in The Pentacle had to be on a highly intellectual level. If you had a point of view regarding magic you had to justify it with an intelligent argument. Dicky Dean and Dr. Oran Dent (Magician and Doctor of Psychology) would debate their differences regarding the philosophy of magic.

  9. As well as having been a regular columnist for magical publications and newspapers he has written books: Magic, and Using Magic in Teaching. He also has invented numerous tricks and illusions that are performed by other magicians around the world. His most popular three are The Impossible Link, The Five to One Sensation and Zombie Fire Climax. His invention of the Zombie Fire Climax is now documented in the book “Joe Karson – Beyond Zombie” by Michael E. Rose, 1999.

  10. While Dicky Dean and Marg have appeared at numerous theatres as they travel across Canada they set a record in their own career for the number of continuous appearances at a theatre in Quebec. They presented 36 consecutive magic shows at the Magic Lantern Theatre (Lanterna Magika) in Montreal.

  11. They were also featured six times on CBC-T.V. from the studios in Montreal as well as numerous other television shows across Canada.

  12. As a result of Dicky Dean’s popularity on TV he and Marg were soon featured all over Quebec and eastern Canada with their show.

  13. The story of the life of Dicky Dean was featured in John Booth’s, Memoirs of a Magician’s Ghost in The Linking Ring. It is a monthly publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians from Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A. John Booth wrote “Marg…has been his assistant in conjuring performances …a most graceful and professional figure.” and “The immaculate, full-time act and show of Dicky Dean & Marg plays almost entirely across Canada’s midwest and eastern provinces.” Author, and magician, John Booth also included Marg and Dicky Dean along with a short story in his book Creative World of Conjuring. “University graduates Dicky and Marg Dean of London, Ontario were full-time teachers for ten years. When their magic shows ballooned almost out of control…they left pedagogy for prestidigitation…they handle… dates…from Manitoba to Nova Scotia.”

  14. In 1999 Dicky and Marg Dean toured the province of Newfoundland appearing at festivals and extravaganzas with their show making it the last remaining province in Canada for them to appear professionally with their magical dove show. It was an exciting way for them to have been part of Newfoundland’s 50 years in confederation. They now have performed in every province in Canada with their show from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This is what one client wrote “…we thank you and your wonderful assistant “Marg” for putting on an excellent show that has not been seen for years in Central Newfoundland. The enthusiasm expressed by both young and old alike during the show, and the number of comments after, provide a record of the success of the show.” What a wonderful and exciting adventure they have as they amaze, mystify and entertain thousands of people across Canada with their magical dove show year after year. They have accomplished their dream.

  15. August 2003 M-U-M editor David Goodsell featured a picture of Marg and Dicky Dean that appeared on the cover of The Society of American Magicians’ M-U-M (Magic, Unity and Might) magazine along with a feature article about the magical careers of Marg and Dicky Dean. Appearing on the cover of M-U-M is a huge honour for any magician – especially a Canadian magician from London, Ontario. The cover features magicians who have contributed significantly to the world of magic. The Society of American Magicians is the oldest continuous magicians’ organization in the world. Almost every famous magician in North America and the United Kingdom has been a member of the Society of American Magicians. Houdini was the national president during the last ten years of his life. Canadians should be very proud of the accomplishments of Dicky Dean.

  16. Following his appearance on the cover of M-U-M magazine Dicky Dean became a regular columnist in M-U-M. In his column “Stage Magic” he shares creative stage effects that he has invented with other magicians around the world.

  17. January 2005, Joan Caesar featured a picture of Dicky and Marg Dean on the cover of Canada's Northern Peaks, a Journal for Canadian Magicians


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