To better understand why thousands have chosen Dicky Dean the Magician for their special event, click on "Why choose Dicky Dean?".  There you will find newspaper articles about the famous magic show that has appeared across the entire country and on national network television numerous times.

Dicky Dean has had many career highlights.  Read about the national television networks he has appeared on, the international awards he has won, the numerous books he has written and how he began his career in magic by clicking on "Career highlights".


Once you spend a few minutes reading what others have said about Dicky Dean the Magician, you will agree that his show is the best answer for your special event.  It is as simple as a phone call to discuss which show is most appropriate for your special event.  Please call us today at (519) 473-3990 so that we can help you put together a perfect event that will be sure to bring you compliments!



Marg Dean, who is the wife and assistant of Dicky Dean the Magician, is also an outstanding children's magician.  As a former teacher, and with a degree in psychology, she has a special talent and ability for reaching children on their level.  Learn more about her show in the "Birthday Party Specialist" section.


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